About Us

Alto Holding is a group of companies that started in the second half of the 1970s and adopted honesty and high quality as a principle. Alto Holding, which operates in three different sectors: industry, textile and energy, has achieved success in each of them. Köhler Electricity Meters Industry and Trade Inc. was established in 1991. Köhler A.Ş., which provides services in a wide range of areas from the sale of electricity meters to the production of electronic meters, has succeeded in becoming one of the leading companies in this field with its quality and reliability. In the textile sector, Altoteks Textile Clothing Dyeing and Finishing San. And Tic. A.Ş. was established in 1996 and started to operate. Altoteks, which has sectoral experience in woven fabric dyeing and finishing, is known for its quality service concept. Alto Holding has crowned its achievements in the industrial and textile sectors with renewable energy investments on its way to a more sustainable future. In this direction, Lodos Karaburun Elektrik Üretim A.Ş., established in 2002, has undertaken important projects in the field of renewable energy. With Karaburun WPP, one of the largest wind power plants in Europe, Lodos will continue to contribute to Turkey's energy needs and reduce our country's dependence on foreign energy in the future as it has done in the past.

Half a Century of Experience

With more than 50 years of experience, we continue our steady growth by making domestic and national production in our country.

+50 Years of Experience

A Big Family

We are a big and strong family with more than 600 employees.

+600 Teammates

Sectoral Diversity

We operate in three different sectors: Industry, Textile and Energy.

3 Different Sectors

Our Values

Productivity: Innovative Minds, Sustainable Future

As Alto Holding, we adopt productivity as our core value with our understanding of continuous development and innovation. We aim to be a pioneer in the sectors with creative ideas and effective processes, and in this direction, we create environments to maximize the potential of our employees.

Sustainability: Working for a Green Future

We prioritize sustainability in every step we take by identifying the needs that vary from sector to sector and developing strategies that respect the environment. With this underlined approach, we aim to make environmentally friendly decisions in every area from company policies to operational activities.

Domestic and National Production: Development with Our Own Resources

Alto Holding acts with the awareness of the importance of domestic and national production. We aim to contribute to the national economy and support the development of the domestic industry by using the resources grown in our own lands. With this understanding, we prioritize collaborations with local suppliers and develop projects to maximize our country's own potential.

Commitment to Ethical Values: Moving in the Right Direction

We are known for our commitment to ethical values; we act with the principles of honest business conduct and build trust based on transparency in all our relationships. We act with the awareness of ethical rules at every level of Alto Holding and see these rules as the basis of sustainable success.

Customer Orientation: Continuous Improvement for Excellence

We set high standards for ourselves to understand and exceed our customers' expectations. As Alto Holding, in addition to ensuring customer satisfaction, we aim to add value by producing innovative solutions to their needs. We focus on the continuity of quality service by handling every customer experience with care.

Team Spirit and Partnership: Together to Success

At Alto Holding, we believe in the power of working together and find the contribution of each individual valuable. With our team spirit that brings together professionals from different disciplines, we achieve common goals and overcome the challenges we face with our collective knowledge and experience. We build a close partnership with all our stakeholders by developing a culture based on cooperation and sharing among employees.




Köhler Electric Meters San. And Tic. A.S.

Since its establishment in 1991, Köhler Elektrik has become a well-known brand in the energy metering sector. Köhler, which manufactures using high technology in its modern factory in Hadımköy, Istanbul, offers quality electricity meters to all four corners of Turkey as well as to international markets.

Altoteks Textile Clothing Dyeing and Finishing San. And Tic. A.S.

Founded in 1996, Altoteks is taking firm steps towards becoming one of the leading textile companies in Turkey and the world by utilizing its experience and technology in the sector. Altoteks, which operates in a 35.000 m2 closed area in Tekirdağ Ergene Organized Industrial Zone, makes a difference with its large production capacity and quality service understanding.

Lodos Karaburun Electricity Generation Inc.

Lodos Karaburun Elektrik Üretim A.Ş., one of the leading companies of our country in the field of renewable energy, was established in 2002. The company's 268 MW Karaburun WPP is one of the largest wind power plants in Europe.

Positioned as a reliable name in the domestic and export markets, Köhler develops various and functional electricity meter models that its customers need. Known for its products that enable precise and accurate measurement of energy consumption, the brand appeals to a wide range of applications from home to industry.

Adopting continuous development and innovation as a business principle, Altoteks aims to meet every need of its customers with its wide product range. Altoteks maintains its place in the market by renewing itself in the ever-changing and developing textile sector. Known for the importance it attaches to customer satisfaction, Altoteks continues to be a preferred brand in both local and international markets with its quality products, effective solution suggestions and dynamic structure.

Meeting the electricity needs of approximately 475 thousand households annually from renewable energy sources, Lodos Karaburun aims to reduce Turkey's dependence on foreign energy. Demonstrating an environmentally sensitive approach by investing in green energy, the company generates electricity using only renewable energy sources.