Mission & Vision


As Alto Holding employees, we accept our responsibilities in fulfilling the requirements of the job, protecting and developing our systems and helping to increase the productivity of people, and we make every breakthrough by using the company's resources carefully, on-site and effectively, taking into account the company's success.


As Alto Holding Group of Companies, we adopt teamwork and see different ideas as a plus value on the way to achieving the best. we try to expand and develop this understanding within the framework of a Process-Oriented Approach in line with the company's goals, choose the goal of success and move forward.


As Alto Holding, we believe that each of our employees is a leader in their field of responsibility within the framework of their teamwork and we support them to improve in this regard.


It is one of our basic principles to communicate effectively with everyone we come in contact with while doing our job. We believe that putting ourselves in the place of the other person when communicating and not listening to people effectively will lead us to success.


As Alto Holding, when accessing information and using the information we receive, we aim to go beyond the usual patterns by questioning ourselves, our sources and results at every point we reach, creating alternatives, interpreting the information we receive from different sources.


As Alto Holding Group of Companies, we aim to follow and adapt to the changes taking place in the world outside us, to be open to different understandings by getting rid of our habits that need to change, and to exist in the future by trying to see beyond the current systems and changing the world with ourselves.

Ability To Improve Yourself

We do not consider learning as ready-made information that will come only from external sources, we want to obtain information from different sources through personal research and effort by using various tools (with a desire to learn arising from our curiosity in accordance with our employee profile). we also develop and apply this information by interpreting it.


We do the things that need to be done in accordance with the promises made, on time and in the most correct way.

Productivity: Innovative Minds, Sustainable Future

As Alto Holding, we adopt productivity as our core value with our understanding of continuous development and innovation. We aim to be a pioneer in the sectors with creative ideas and effective processes, and in this direction, we create environments to maximize the potential of our employees.

Sustainability: Working for a Green Future

We prioritize sustainability in every step we take by identifying the needs that vary from sector to sector and developing strategies that respect the environment. With this underlined approach, we aim to make environmentally friendly decisions in every area from company policies to operational activities.

Domestic and National Production: Development with Our Own Resources

Alto Holding acts with the awareness of the importance of domestic and national production. We aim to contribute to the national economy and support the development of the domestic industry by using the resources grown in our own lands. With this understanding, we prioritize collaborations with local suppliers and develop projects to maximize our country's own potential.

Commitment to Ethical Values: Moving in the Right Direction

We are known for our commitment to ethical values; we act with the principles of honest business conduct and build trust based on transparency in all our relationships. We act with the awareness of ethical rules at every level of Alto Holding and see these rules as the basis of sustainable success.

Customer Orientation: Continuous Improvement for Excellence

We set high standards for ourselves to understand and exceed our customers' expectations. As Alto Holding, in addition to ensuring customer satisfaction, we aim to add value by producing innovative solutions to their needs. We focus on the continuity of quality service by handling every customer experience with care.

Team Spirit and Partnership: Together to Success

At Alto Holding, we believe in the power of working together and find the contribution of each individual valuable. With our team spirit that brings together professionals from different disciplines, we achieve common goals and overcome the challenges we face with our collective knowledge and experience. We build a close partnership with all our stakeholders by developing a culture based on cooperation and sharing among employees.