Alto Holding Group, whose foundations were laid in the second half of the 1970s, has become a well-known company in its field by moving away from the owner's business over time, resolutely aiming at quality and honesty in the work undertaken.

Our group, which has only knowledge, honesty and the determination to never go back as capital, has undertaken electrical installation works primarily in public tenders. He has established a personal company named "Uçarlar Elektrik Ticaret" in Istanbul Kartal Maltepe in order to trade the materials he uses in installation works and he is engaged in construction works as well as electricity, installation, contracting and electrical materials trade.

In the 1980s, he moved his workplace to Karakoy Bankası Caddesi, which directs the electricity market of Turkey. in 1990, Köhler Electricity Meters San. and tic. A.Sh. it was established and production started. It has announced its name in a short time with capacity increase and quality.

By Decoupling R&D studies, quality has been increased and costs have been reduced. A sales, dealer and service network has been established throughout Turkey. The company, which employs 300 workers within its structure and employs about 1000 people with its subsidiary industry and service network, had 50 percent of the electricity meter Sunday in Turkey in 1993-2002.

Having accumulated capital that could enter into a new investment, the group sought to expand its field of activity in 1996 and bought 30,000 m2 of land in Tekirdağ Corlu from Altoteks Tekstil Giyim Boya Apre San. and tic. A.Sh.he founded the company in the company of the German company Btm Babcock. it started trial production at the end of 1999.

With the addition of the second company to the structure, developments have accelerated and a search for new business areas has been initiated. at the end of 2000, Alto Holding A.Sh. Altotex Fabric Marketing Trade by establishment A.Sh. and Altoel Elektrik Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Sh. it was established.

The mandatory use of electronic electricity meters became a turning point in the electricity meter market in 2002. Köhler did not leave the leadership to others in this regard, he entered the market first and increased his Sunday share to 80 percent.

At the end of 2002, frequent changes were made to meter standards and specifications by Teaş, installation companies appeared on the market, prices also fell by 70 percent in 2003 due to the introduction of poor-quality meters and competition. However, thanks to its technical team specialized in Köhler, it has maintained its Sunday share by turning to the production of meters that other companies cannot produce.

In 2002, Istanbul Thrace Free Zone Sayport Koll. Sti is established. The diversification of activities was continued in 2003 in order to operate in the energy sector Elpada A.Sh. it was established. Altoel A.Sh. It has started the trade of low voltage protection control devices manufactured by Sayport Brand. All companies have been incorporated into the holding and a financial union has been established.

Lodos Electricity Generation, which has a clean energy source ( renewable energy sources) wind power plant license within the framework of European Union compliance laws purchasing the shares of nin, it was decided to establish a wind power plant. The purpose of the group is not to protect the place where it is located, but to always climb one step to the top. In every decision taken by the Board of Directors, they evaluate the day they start working, the present and plan the future accordingly. Thanks to this, the group has successfully passed through without being affected by any of the economic crises that Turkey has been subjected to.

In addition to its commercial successes, the Group has also aimed to serve society, and in this direction, an eight-classroom elementary school built in the town of Karacaören in the district of Ankara Güdül was opened for education on 20.10.2004 and presented to the service of the Ministry of National Education.